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WARKO's working principle

Immagine8Starting from the complete configuration of all the components needed for the transmission of motion (figure at right) try to break down the individual steps in the assembly of the CVT Warko to understand the principle of operation.





Coming from the engine shaft, motion is transmitted to the main gear, called "solar".





Immagine2From solar, the motion is transmitted to the "N" gear arranged in a ring on it, called satellites.







Immagine3For each of these satellites is connected by means of a shaft and two joints. A conical body later known Cone satellite. The side surface of the cones satellites is concave according to a given radius of curvature.




Immagine4All satellites transmit cones friction the motion to a central hub having a shape of a "barrel".






Immagine5Finally, the motion is transmitted to the output shaft via an internal gear (not visible in the figure)






The side surface of the hub is convex according to a given radius of curvature, smaller than the radius of concavity of the cones. In this way we will have a single point (theoretical) contact between the cone and barrel.

Being able to tilt the cone (swinging) on the barrel, thus realizes all possible pairs with diameters in the same barrel, according to a range of ratios ranging from 1:1 to 1:6 (besides being able to achieve a ratio of reverse )


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