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Applications of the CVT Warko

Among the most interesting applications for their exploitation of this feature we want to remember:

  • wind generators
  • bus
  • truck
  • Vecioli hybrid
  • outboard marine engines
  • agricultural vehicles

In particular, the CVT Warko has already been studied for applications in the construction equipment or construction field where it can replace the existing hydraulic transmission under a wide 1:1 - 1:9) range of variation and yield significantly greater than the solutions adopted so far (95% versus approximately 75%).










In the following illustration we can observe the traditional solution adopted by the most popular construction equipment:

idraulic transimissionVarco Telhendleri II2









In the study of application of the CVT Warko, as illustrated in the following figure, we can observe the specific version used for use in the media today hydraulic transmission, equipped with output shaft passing through to the motion to the two front and rear axles. In addition, the adoption of the configuration Power Split ("ZERO DYNAMIC" or still dynamic) approach allows speed never before possible, such as a few centimeters per hour.

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