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Torque capacity

Wanting to examine the CVT from the point of view of the technical characteristics of operation, one of the first parameters to take into considerations is the transmissible torque . With the Warko , the transmissible torque can reach values ​​of 400 Nm for applications with Petrol and values ​​of 500 Nm diesel engine applications .


Sample solutions with different transmissible torque
The value of the transmissible torque is directly proportional to the number of cones that are placed in the transmission , which for reasons of balancing will be positioned angularly equidistant between them or in groupings opposing ( case 4 cones ) . The geometry of the cone and the bell will also define the range of the gear ratio that also will affect the final value of the transmissible torque .
In the three examples , below , the geomteria choice allows to obtain a transmission interval equal to 8 . Be noted that the preparations 8-6-4 cones are made with only a different degree of assembly , or use the same cone ring and barrel . The scalability of the CVT Warko also allows you to be able to design geometries mating cone / bell to make other intervals of the transmission ratio .
The following shows three possible solutions with a range of 10. It should be emphasized that the following configurations use the same identical cone of all previous versions and match one and only one other ring and different barrel .

Solution with 6 cones
Max torque = 240 Nm
Solution with 4 cones
Max torque = 180 Nm
Solution with 3 cones
Max torque = 120 Nm

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